Who We Are


As Southeast Asia’s active provider of dentists training programmes, we offer a range of short courses and certificate programmes for the professional developments of dentists.

We have the ability to provide our courses and training services throughout Asia Pacific region. We are more than a traditional dental academy. In addition to our scheduled courses, we have a team of specialised trainers to develop and deliver customised training and support to meet the specific needs of individual dentists or dental organisations.

We can work closely with you to create a customised course, tailoring the course requirements to your needs and objectives. By working closely with you, fully understanding your training requirements, and sharing our knowledge and experience, we can offer you a truly value-added training course.

There are many benefits to your organisation in commissioning a customised DTA course:

  • Meets your unique needs and objectives

  • Enhanced training experience specific for your group

  • Delivered at a location and date to suit you, reducing staff travel costs

  • Hands-on experience for your Team; increases confidence and association

  • Team building opportunities are increased

  • All-round cost savings

To find out more about our customised training and consultancy and how we can help you, please contact us at info@dtasingapore.com or Click here.

Our Partners


Our Presence

Our Future Roadmap

Expansion of international training presence, through acquiring more overseas partners, into countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar.


Setting up direct subsidiaries in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Myanmar – to conduct local CE courses for local dentists.


Developing broader range of dental topics for our “Live Patient” International Courses, e.g. Advanced Implant Courses.


Expanding current basic module of DSA into progressive levels of Diploma and Degree as well as introducing advance module(training on specialist work) and administrative modules.