Business Leadership & Communication Skills (BLC) Course

 Dr Kinnar Shah


Having superb skills doesn't guarantee success, but having the right success mindset does. Join Dr Kinnar Shar with proven track records, for this BLC course specially for Dentists by a Dentist and get on the same ranks with dentists who are building successful dental practices around the world.

This 2 days course is specially designed for dentists and dental practice managers to nurture a success mindset for growing their dental practises. Through powerful concepts aimed to deliver promising results, participants can then learn to apply practical steps to improve their patient management and retention whch will lead to greater revenue generation for their business.


Participants will be taught the skills they need to face and overcome challenges with confidence and end with an action plan ready to be implemented on the first day back in the office. Also, discover how to master the "6 Cs" of business and communication to supercharge your career!

Course Highlights

  1. MASTERY OF 7 TRAITS to be a Successful Dentist

    - Success starts with mindset

    - 7 Traits to boost your inner game

    - R. I .S.E principles to drive your vision higher

    Explore your true "why, how and what " as a dentist - Your Strengths

  2. CREATIVITY that offers wow journey

    - Enhance the 6 Key Experiences your patient goes through and discover them in depth
    - Don' t lose them at any of these stages
    - Action steps to be taken for these key experiences
    - Your patients will remember how you make them feel
    - The complete blueprint for executive patient experience

  3. CONNECTION that builds trust & credibility

    - Execute Fast and Effective Rapport . In 60-90 seconds
    - Learn the Fastest way to get your patients to like you
    - How to avoid the salesperson alarm!
    - 3 factors that dictate how strong a bond you can build with your patients
    - 3 habits to intensify your connection with your patients
    - Master the posture, gestures and expressions required for rapid rapport
    - One sure method to clear your nervousness and appear confident

  4.  CULTURE that creates a Passionate, Professional and Profitable team

    - Inspire your Team to Perform with Passion

    - 3 psychological needs to fulfil to ensure the team thrives and flourishes
    - Techniques on what and how to inspire
    - What to discuss in a morning and evening hurdle
    - How to set training days and what to contribute towards your team’s growth
    - Combine strengths of team players
    - Learn to set the corrects moods and attitudes in the team environment

  5. CAPTURE that leads to more New Patients

    - Marketing your Practice. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
    - How I attract 160 New Patients a month in my practice
    - Capture your leads and stop wasting t ime
    - Understand what research says about look and feel
    - What landing pages you will want to think about
    - 5 must things to get patients to take action and call
    - How to answer emai l enquiries
    - Adwords, SEO, SMM – get to know it
    - Reward and Referral systems - Networking and Joint Ventures
  6. COMMUNITY that encourages loyal and raving patients

    - Learn how to tap into the millennial generation
    - Achieve an in-depth and thorough understanding of Conversion Pr inciples & Rules
    - Increase your conversion rate by 70-80%
    - Focus on the cor rect 4 must quest ion to ask – Unique System
    - Take your pat ients’ needs and wants f rom impl ici t to expl ici t
    - 6 Verbal Language Pat terns to get subconscious agreement
    - What not to say. How not to confuse!
    - 3 Core Areas to watch in assessing Body Language
    - Discover your pat ients favour i te sense and use that to explain Evidence based presentat ions
  7. COMMUNICATION that Converts or Crashes


Contact Hours: 16.0 hrs

Course dates: 15 - 16 February 2020
Duration: 2 Days
Format: Lectures, Classroom
Language: English
Venue: Singapore


Dr. Kinnar Shah

Dr Kinnar Shah is based in Sydney. His passion and expertise as a dentist is in Cosmetic, Laser and Implantdentistry. A transformational and a motivational speaker and the principal director of SmileConcepts, PersonalGrowth Events, Instaclicks & Premium Ceramics. He is obsessed in teaching leadership, business, sales andcommunication skills to health professionals. He is walking the talk as an example in this field. Practicing 2½ days week has allowed him to work “on” and grow his practice seven fold over the last 3 years. His marketing strategies allowed one of his practices -SmileConcepts- to drive 140 New Clients a month. SmileConcepts is positioned to be the leading practice in Sydney and is the highest customer reviewed practice in Australia. The strategies for such growth and presence are what Kinnar loves to teach with a passion.


He believes every professional has the potential to do so and loves adding value for your Growth. He starts by exploring the correct mindset, belief and attitude through to Relationship building, Influence, Strategic & Executionprinciples. Mastery of these skills will propel your success -both personally and professionally. Communication plays arole in all these factors. The way we communicate to ourselves and the way we communicate with others ultimately dictates the quality of our lives.


Being a Certified High Performance Coach, a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach & a NLP business and Leadership Coach, he specializes in working with the innate strengths and talents of the entire Team for the potential of higher success. He has coached and consulted numerous businesses in the last 3 years to implement certain methods and strategies to double or triple the number of daily clients, get more employee engagement, deliver a client experience second to none and ultimately having a better quality of life.  His favorite topic to teach professionals would be in High Performance Communication and Sales. How to increase conversions and sales - Dramatically! Being active in the entrepreneur field, he understands the unique challenges oftoday’s business owners and entrepreneurs. His fresh perspective, innovative methods and system blueprints will facilitate you and your business to higher levels. Having been in the professional and business field for 15 years he is passionate about giving people the tools to be resourceful and effective. His favorite quote: "Don’t Let the Good Get inthe Way of the Great!"


Kinnar is currently authoring his book: “Your Life is Your Biggest Occasion - R.I.S.E up to it" 


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limit enrolment, or change the location, time, date, or speakers due to unforeseen circumstances.

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